Here's what I think: Bachelor Sean Week 2

Let's not pretend every week isn't the best week on The Bachelor, every single week is amazing. It's my favorite source of fictional drama in my life. Here's a re-cap of this week:

Dates: Sarah (sweetie with the one arm), group date (Kacie get's the rose) and Des - all three dates resulted in roses which is not surprising. This early in the game it's unlikely for Sean to send someone home from a one-on-one date, he's just trying to get to know everyone better at this point. I have to commend Sarah for being so brave to drop off the top of that building with Sean, I probably would have pissed myself after hyperventilating and crying. I don't fear heights, it's the dropping at top speeds that bothers me. These girls are always troopers, can you imagine someone being like "Thanks but, no thanks, I'll take the elevator and meet you down there?" Doubtful. Sean also had a little fun with Des, playing a practical joke on her that she totally took in stride. As for the group date, it cracked me up how mean the girls already are. So so caddy, and it was pretty funny to see Sean teasing Tierra about having a caddy side and her total denial of it. No big surprises that the model (Kristy) won the challenge, but Kacie won Sean's attention for the night and ultimately won the rose.

Stand-outs from this week:
Des - I still really like this one, they seemed to have a great date and she was completely willing to roll with the punches. PLUS Sean basically told everyone that she'd be around for a while, soooo... unless her ex-boyfriend comes and sweeps her off her feet (as hinted by the season previews), I think she'll be a top contender.
Lesley - Stood out at the group date with her saucy posing with Sean and had some great one-on-one time, I think she and Sean have some serious chemistry. Also, she's really laid back and I think that works for him.
Lindsay - So happy she didn't get drunk at the cocktail party. She didn't get a date this week but her one-on-one went well and I just have a feeling about her, she's really cute.
Selma - I didn't really notice her last week other than she's so beautiful but I kind of like her and she stood out to me this week, hopefully she stood out to Sean too!

Others who I don't think are going anywhere soon: Ashlee, Tierra and Kacie

And the crazies surface!
Clearly Amanda is batshit, this ought to be fun. I can't wait to see that joker smile get the boot, hopefully sooner than later. Also, looks like Tierra will have an eventful week next week if the promo was actually representing next week and not just the season as a whole. I still don't know about her, but I really want her to be the cutie she is around Sean. She just might be too high maintenance for him.

Farewell bachelorettes, better luck next time:
This week we had our first quitter, this doesn't happen often but every once in a while a girl just doesn't feel it and wants to go home. This week Katie couldn't take the atmosphere and the demands of the show and departed during the group date. No offense but she probably made the right choice, why waste her time when she wasn't going to win. With Katie gone, Sean had to send only 2 girls home at the rose ceremony and sent home Brooke and Diana. It's too early in the show for big shocks so this wasn't super eventful.

Looks like next week will be another "best episode of the season" and I'm morbidly excited to see that neck brace get strapped on Tierra's whiny little neck. I mean, I like her but seriously she's a whiner. Until next week bachelor comrades!

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