Here's what I think: Some of Emma Stone's best hair and make up moments!

Emma Stone is too hot to handle right now! With the release of The Amazing Spiderman, and numerous other movies she has done in the the past year, let alone the Cover Girl commericals, magazine covers, red carpets... the list goes on an on; she and her fresh face have become a household name! Her fair complexion makes it easy for her to seamlessly transition from her natural blonde locks to her trademark red; and she knows exactly how to compliment each with her styling. Here are a few of my favorite looks she has done:

For her role as Gwen Stacy in this summer's The Amazing Spiderman, Emma ditched the red hair color we were all so used to for this cool natural beige blonde. These full bangs and half back style, play up the dramatic eyeliner while she keeps the rest of her look very sweet and natural.

Classic and striking, this is the Emma Stone we all fell in love with. I love a red lip and emerald earring on a fair skinned ginger!

This one might be my favorite. While I really love her with red hair, this coloring is so beautiful on her. The peach dress and light hair with minimal shimmery make up makes her look so healthy and fresh!

Emma has really come in to her own over the past couple years, I have loved watching her style evolve and am always excited to see what she does next!

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