Here's what I think: The Bachelorette makes me cry

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched last night's episode, probably don't want to hear this yet. And I have a lot to say!

This season of The Bachelorette has been so emotional. At the beginning of the season I was a little wary. I wasn't sure Emily had a big enough personality but I'm so happy to have watched her come out of her shell and put everything she has in to the process of finding her husband. That being said, I'm getting really anxious watching the previews for the upcoming weeks!

Emily has two really great guys left and I think she has done a great job of asking tough questions, being realistic and following her instincts, I hope more than anything that she finds someone in the end to continue a relationship with. It would be perfectly understandable if at the end of all this she isn't ready to get engaged. Even if you truly believe you're going to be together forever, marriage is a big commitment and not something to be entered in to lightly. An engagement is a promise of marriage, so personally, I wouldn't be at all upset if she decides to date her choice in the end a while longer before making that promise. The sneak peak leading up to the final episode, which will air Sunday, July 22nd, made me so uncomfortable because it made it seem like she could walk away from both of them and I really hope that doesn't happen. It would be so sad for her to have come so far and have these two great guys, both of whom obviously love her, and to just give all that up and have to start from scratch. It makes me so sad just thinking about it!

I feel like I'm pretty even keeled, I'm cynical about some things and not overly romantic, but I believe that if Emily chooses either Jef or Arie that she has every chance of creating a loving marriage. I don't always feel that way about these shows (Ben & Courtney come to mind - what's happening with them anyway?). I really want to talk about the two guys that Emily has left but first let's talk a little about this week and Sean leaving.

Emily was right, she had three amazing dates this week. I wouldn't want to be in her shoes at that rose ceremony. I was really sad to see Sean go. I felt like they had a really great beginning to a relationship. She seemed so happy to be with him and was so excited when he told her he loved her. That letter that he wrote to Ricki might be the most precious thing I've ever seen on The Bachelorette. It  was so heartfelt and I could tell he put a lot of thought in to the prospect of becoming her step father. Sean's departure was heart-breaking. I felt so bad for Emily because she was so emotional about letting him go. I even worse for Sean thinking about how he was so sure she was going to be his wife. I might be a little partial because Sean was my favorite and if I were the bachelorette there's no way he would have left. But Emily had a hard choice to make, all three of these guys are great and she'll be lucky with any one of them.

Who do I think Emily will end up with (assuming it's anyone at all)? Probably Arie. I think Jef is a great fit for her and I was excited to hear her say that when she pictured her every day life and who fit in it with her and Ricki that it was Jef. However; I think her connection to Arie has been so strong this whole time and when she said he was her "light at the end of the tunnel" since their first date, I was pretty sure he had it in the bag. I don't agree with all the talk out there that says Arie is a player and that she shouldn't pick him. It seems like they do have a real connection and that if she chooses to pursue a relationship with him they would be a nice fit. Even so, I hope she surprises us and picks Jef. They seem more real to me and like they both said on last night's show he get's her.

I'm really impressed by the quality of people on this season of The Bachelorette. Not just with Emily but with the guys. If she follows her heart and has a little faith, I think she and whomever she picks to move forward with will be very happy.

I can't wait for the "Men Tell All" next week and I'm especially looking forward to the final episode and "After the Final Rose" on July 22nd! There's light at the end of this tunnel but not with out a little drama!

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