Here's what I think: Oscar Fashion

Sunday at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards the stars were dressed to impress. There were so many beautiful fashions that it's hard to pick the best and worst, instead here are my favorite, not-so-favorite, and my pick for most improved.

My favorite- Zoe Saldana, I love this dress, the sparkle at the top, the ruffles on the bottom, the color gradient and the high front split. Everything about this works for me!

My least favorite - Charlize Theron, I just don't get it. It looks like someone grabbed her breasts from behind and it left an imprint. Not crazy about the bust detail, it draws the eye too much and distracts from her overall appearance. 
My pick for most improved - Tina Fey, this works for her, she usually is too plain or completely over the top (in the wrong way). I like the pattern and texture of this, it's black but not boring, and the neckline is very on trend. It does make her look a little short, but compared to the disaster that was the Golden Globes this is a move in the right direction.

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