Here's what I think: Celebrating a year of blogging

This month marks the one year anniversary of the start of What Heather Thinks blog! To celebrate, I have made some fun changes to keep things new and fresh.

You will notice a new layout and format, as well as a new color scheme (while still staying true to pink).

Another fun change is the addition of labels on the side panel. If you find a particular blog entry interesting, just go to the side panel and see if there are any other blog entries of similar nature and topic.

Thanks to all of my readers out there for commenting on my facebook page! I encourage all of you to "follow" me on this blog and post comments directly here as well.

You'll notice at the bottom of each blog entry is a space for leaving comments, emailing this post to your friends, or simply clicking on a box to let me know if you find the entry interesting, funny, etc.

I've really enjoyed blogging this year and hope that you have enjoyed reading about the things I think about!


  1. love the changes!! -mom

  2. Congrats on 1 year!!! i like the changes!


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