Here's what I think: Whales, Terrifying or Cute?

Yesterday I got the song "Baby Belouga" by Raffi stuck in my head for the majority of the afternoon and evening. I like to think that my dog likes it when I sing to her and it just came to me as a memory from my second grade music time and surprisingly I remembered most of the lyrics. The song got me thinking about whales, first just the Belouga whale and how it's really pretty ugly. I think the Belouga is sort a mix between a dolphine and whale, I don't know why, maybe because they seem small like a dolphine? You would think a dolphine/whale hybrid in looks would be cute- not the case because Belouga's have a hideous bump on their heads.

After pondering the Belouga whale, I began to think about how people seem to think of whales as such cute creatures. They want you to think they're all friendly and sweet like Free Willy. Well news flash, Free Willy was a Killer Whale- and they have sharp teeth in order to better tear apart their prey! Does anyone else find that a little terrifying?

Sharp teeth aside, because not all whales have those pointy little daggers, the sheer size of most whales should scare the socks off of most people! They are HUGE! Open water in general tends to frighten me, however, these crazy whale watchers take boats out and try to get an up close and personal look at these gargantuan beasts. I hope it occurs to them that while their boat is feet away from a mighty Blue Whale or Humpback, that when that majestic tail emerges from the water it could slam down and cap size their vessel!

Whales are terrifying creatures, while most are beautiful and not violent, I for one think that they deserve respect and should be admired from a distance. Let them "swim so wild, and swim so free" a safe distance from me!

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