Here's what I think: Smoke Detector Malfunction

Why is it that everything in your house works just fine until you're the only one home? As noted previously, I live with my parents and typically it's a pretty sweet deal! My parents went on a mini-holiday this weekend to Oklahoma and so I get the house to myself. Nice! I always like having the house to myself because then I feel like the grown up that I am. However, it is a little creepy living in a whole house by myself at night, especially when the cat decides to try to break into my bedroom and scratches at the door. Not only does he scratch but he is tall enough to jiggle the door knob. Creepy.

The last time that I stayed alone in the house I didn't open the garage door all weekend because inevitably when I'm home by myself the garage door malfunctions and either doesn't close at all or gets stuck half way and this buzzing noise emits from the engine. So rather than be stuck with an open or buzzing garage door, I elected to leave it shut for the weekend and used the front door.

This morning I was getting ready, running late because I underestimated the time it takes me to get ready. Since I didn't have to haul it out of the bathroom so that my step dad could get in, I let myself sleep a little longer. So, I finish drying my hair when I hear a horrible alarm sounding. I open the door and see that there is a smoke detector right beside the door frame, and it's going wild! I look around the house, sniffed the air, felt the walls for heat- no sign of smoke or fire.

As an avid Friends watcher I remembered an episode where Phoebe's smoke detector goes off in the middle of the night and refuses to turn off. She smashes it with a shoe only to find that there is a reset button. With this in mind, I stood on the couch and located the reset button on my detector. I pushed the reset button. Nothing. So I tried again, maybe I didn't push it hard enough? Nope, still nothing. The alarm continued to sound.

So I ripped the thing off the wall and took out the battery. Lucky for me and unlike Phoebe it didn't have a back up so it turned off. Hopefully my house doesn't burn down this weekend because the alarm near my bedroom has now been disabled.

Lovely start to a rainy Friday, but the good news is, I have the rest of the weekend to look forward to other things to go inexplicably wrong in my parents absence.

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