Here's what I think: I love Taylor Swift and I want to Lick Keith Urban's Face!

This weekend I went to see the Taylor Swift and Keith Urban concert at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines. I had heard kind of poor reviews about Wells Fargo Arena before but seriously didn't care because I love Taylor Swift and Keith Urban so I was psyched to see them in concert! Turns out the concert was awesome and the venue was great!

I have been a fan of Taylor Swift since she first came out with "Tim McGraw", I bought her most current CD "Fearless" the day it came out last fall and have been listening to it in my car ever since. Love it. Seriously, love it! I was almost more excited to see her than Keith Urban (she was just opening for him). So you can imagine my disappointment that we were about 15 minutes late for the concert. My boyfriend is chronically late, however I can't blame this on him. I can however blame it on the Hy-Vee triathlon. He competed this weekend and we had to go check in his bike. They said the athletes could start dropping them off at 6:00 and the concert didn't start until 7:30 so we figured this was plenty of time. Oh except the drop off was a big cluster and took the entire hour and a half and we high tailed it across Des Moines to get to the concert. But we only missed about a song and a half I think- came in while she was singing "Fearless."

Once we got there and got settled in the concert was fantastic. Taylor Swift has a lot of energy and sounded great. Even though it was a short set because she was the opening act, she picked great songs and interacted with the audience a lot. She's so sweet and gracious and put on a great performance. Also, I loved her dress. I've seen her perform in similar outfits before and I love the sequined tank dress and boots. Super cute!

Okay enough gushing over how cute Taylor Swift is. What I really want to talk about is Keith Urban and how I want to lick his face.

Keith Urban is so stinking cute. You know how some people have a list of five celebrities they are allowed to sleep with? Well, I'm not a hussy so instead of a list of people I'd sleep with (cause I wouldn't!) I have a list of celebrities who I'd lick the side of their face and Keith Urban has been on that list since I created it!

He puts on a really great show and is very active with the audience. He did a short set on a platform at the back of the floor and then also sang a song from a mic stand positioned inside the audience. And he really has to put up with a lot from his fans. I'm not the only one who finds this country super star attractive. Girls were grabbing at him from every direction, pulling at his hair, slapping him in the face and one girl even ripped open his shirt! It's easy to think that those girls are crazy but I better not judge because had I been down there on the floor that close to him- I would have licked his face.

**Other members of the list include- Matthew McConaughey, Jake Gylenhaal, and Rob Pattinson (even though I thought Rob might taste dirty because he often looks homeless- but I heard that in real life he actually smells very nice so he made it back on the list).

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