Here's what I think: Miss California

Miss California, Carrie Prejean, has had more publicity as runner-up Miss USA than Miss USA herself! By now we have all heard about her "politically charged" answer to her interview question at the April 19th pageant -- she expressed her views that marriage should be exclusively between a man and a woman.

Here's what I think about that. Good for her for having an opinion and standing up for what she believes in, however, I'm not buying this christian, moral uprightness for a minute.

Here's what Prejean said in a radio interview, she believed that Satan was tempting her with that particular question (whether other states should follow Vermont in legalizing same-sex marriage), and that God was in her head telling her not to compromise her beliefs.

That's all well and good, until partially-nude photographs surfaced of the pageant queen from her previous modeling career. It's hard to believe that Prejean is the picture of morality with these racey photographs splattered across the internet.

Prjean claims that she had one photograph taken when she was 17 and that any others were photoshopped to embarass her. Really? What makes her think that we are all going to believe that she would pose for ONE photograph. I'm sure that photographer took more than one shot!

It's not like the Miss California pageant was the first she had ever been in, and she signed a contract stating that she had not been photographed partially or completely nude in the past. If she is willing to lie about that on her contract, what's to say that she isn't lieing to us all now?

Today, Donald Trump declared that Prejean could retain her crown and continue as Miss California - wrong choice. I'm not saying that he shouldn't offer up second chances, but based on the contractual breech alone, Prejean should have been de-throwned and given up the crown. But, what's done is done. Maybe, now that the issue of her "rule" as Miss California has been cleared up, she can go back to representing the state and leave the rest of the country to Miss USA.

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