Here's what I think: Allison was Robbed!

On the America's Next Top Model (ANTM) season finale last night, my poor Allison was beat out for the top spot by Teyona. I typically have an uncanny knack for picking out top contenders on shows like this. Maybe I'm just a good guesser, or maybe I have some amazing pyschic intuition, but I often think I should bet on my predictions because they are spot on!

From the beginning of this cycle, Allison was my pick. Sure she's a little buggy eyed, but that makes her interesting. She's edgy, and knows how to work her face and body for amazing pictures. If you look at Allison and Teyona's pictures side to side, Allison's are consistently stonger and she pulled herself together at the runway show-down.

Even the judges critiques led me to belive that Allison would ultimately take the prize, especially after Teyona's terrible commercial performance.

Not that I'm surprised that the judges decision didn't make sense, Tyra Banks rarely makes much sense. Tyra Banks is by far the most self-centered person on television. Each week she gives critiques to the girls that firstly are inconsistent with the panel discussion and secondly compare the girls to Tyra and her perfect modelesque self! I think because she has to elimiate someone she has to try to think of something good and bad to say about each, when all she really needs to do is say "We like Person X better." Because that's what it really comes down to, who the judges, a.k.a Tyra, likes better.

Maybe ANTM should pull and American Idol type season and let the viewers vote for the model they like the best- but I suppose that would throw the dynamic of the show way off balance because it would no longer center around Tyra and her all-knowing model mind.

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