Bachelorette Blog - Villains and Heroes (Week 4)

Last week on The Bachelorette, we got to see some genuine front runners emerge as well as even worse villains than we've seen to this point. Since the previous episode ended with a to be continued we started the night with a cocktail party.

Cocktail Nightmare

Fortunately, the drama with Eric was short lived. While he was what seemed to be disproportionately upset about Lee talking to Rachel about him, most of the other guys seemed to think his outburst was justified so there must have been more to the story than what we saw on TV. Speaking of Lee, why does he always look so drunk? Is he really drunk all the time or is that just his douchey face? I think it might be the later.

If you think Eric is the only person Lee is targeting, you're wrong because just when that situation fizzled another one erupted with Kenny. While Rachel was having nice conversations with Bryan and Peter (both were super cute last week), she could hear Kenny screaming at Lee. Kenny did not come off well in that situation. Lee is such a snake, how is he making these decent guys look so crazy. Also, for the first time this season, race was brought up more prominently. Dean noted that Lee is only starting stuff with "people who are different from him, culturally". When asked what he meant by that he said "you know what I mean" implying that Lee might be racially intolerant. And Rachel, feeling disappointed with the nightmare of a cocktail night, started to truly feeling the pressure of being a black woman in this position. Which is really unfair but unfortunately understandable.

Of course, Lee did not go home. It's obvious they are positioning him for a two on one. Stay tuned for more on that.

Dean's One-on-One

After the rose ceremony, the group headed off to Hilton Head, South Carolina for a week of dates.
First up was Dean's one-on-one and he is basically the cutest, I love him. He's a super sweet guy and seems like he's coming from a good place to be in this position with Rachel. I'm not ready to call him a top two contender but he's definitely in it for the long haul. For their date, Rachel took him on a blimp ride. Apparently, as a child she was obsessed with blimps (or that's just a convenient story to make this make sense on the show). Unfortunately, Dean is scared of heights and it was a bit of a bumpy ride for him. But he was a good sport.

At dinner, we heard some of Dean's back story which was heart breaking. His mother died of cancer when he was 15 and it basically tore apart his family and he spent the next three years basically taking care of himself. But as a result, he knows what he wants from life and in a family.

And then they danced together at a country concert, pretty typical stuff.

S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G B-E-E 
Group date with Alex, Anthony, Peter, Bryan, Jon, Adam, Matt, Kenny, Lee, Iggy, Eric, Will, and Josiah

The group date put the guys' intelligence on display because Rachel likes a smart man. Actually, some of the words were pretty hard... Josiah was the winner, and also is kind of a douche about his extensive vocabulary and pretty much everything else as well.

During the evening part of the date, Iggy proved once again that he is a gossip queen, using his time to talk about guys he doesn't think are genuine because he's just so "protective" of Rachel. This guy is solidly landing in the friend zone with Rachel and becoming hated by the men.

Let's quickly talk about the return of the Lee vs. Kenny drama before discussing the real meat of this date. Lee told Rachel that he's just so positive that it seems disingenuous and that Kenny is a really aggressive person. So Rachel asked Kenny about it and when he tried to explain himself, he felt like she didn't believe him. So he's feeling pretty insecure and decides to have yet another chat with Lee and that's where the episode leaves off. However, from [reviews of this week we know that Lee and Kenny get paired up for the two-on-one (called it!), so I'm sure nothing too crazy will go down during this convo, at least nothing that will get one of them eliminated.

The most important part of the date was Rachel's interaction with Peter. It was, by far, the most "real" relationship-like conversation we've seen on the show so far. Rachel asked Peter if he was willing to move out of Wisconsin, and he said he was. She also noted that she is licensed to practice in Wisconsin so he might not have to. This all bodes very well for Peter.

So the front runners for me (so far) are Peter (for obvious reasons) and Eric. It seems like Rachel really likes Eric but he's totally the guy she's going to have to constantly reassure and ask to hang in there because "it will be worth it" until the end (assuming he makes it that far).

That's all from last week, now you should be caught up for this week's double feature! Enjoy!

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