Bachelor Blog: Finale, ATFR and all the Weirdness

Well, that was weird. Does anyone else think this season of The Bachelor was kind of disappointing? I had really high hopes for Nick. I seriously love this guy. He is funny and speaks his mind and I thought this would make for a great season. Plus, don’t we all genuinely want him to finally find love? I really hope he has and at the very least, he did not get rejected again. Let’s break it down.

Meeting the Family

Raven had already met Nick’s mom, dad, and sister, Bella, on the Wisconsin date so it she might have had an edge with the family. She definitely did with Bella. Overall, she made a great impression and as usual expressed herself very well and maturely.

Vanessa was up next and she had some more serious talks with the family. They all believed that she is truly in love with Nick, but worried that she might not be ready to get engaged at the end of all this.

All in all, I love Nick’s family. They are so sweet and I sincerely hope this is his last go at The Bachelor franchise because I don’t think they can handle another round.

Vanessa’s Final Date

Wow, Finland is definitely a great place to fall in love. It is so beautiful. And apparently, Santa lives there! After riding horses through the winter wonderland, Nick brought Vanessa to Santa’s house. Santa greeted them merrily and asked them what they were wishing for for Christmas. Then he gave them a special gift, a heart shaped wood burning of their faces with their Finish names and the symbols for love and fertility.

Afterward, Vanessa and Nick got back to the serious business of discussing their relationship as usual. I don’t blame Vanessa for having questions and apparently, she’d never watched a full season of this show before coming on so she was less prepared for the sharing her boyfriend with other women and felt like their journey toward love was less special because he had had feelings for other women while he courted her. I’ve generally liked Vanessa throughout the season but last night I became much less enchanted.

Raven’s Final Date

Remember back in Wisconsin when Raven and Nick went roller skating? Their love story came full circle last night when he took her ice skating! They always have a lot of fun together and as Raven says their relationship seems very effortless. Basically the exact opposite of Nick’s relationship with Vanessa which seems very effortful.

They had a great time, Nick said some really nice things to her and gave her solid confidence going into proposal day. She was very sure she’d be getting engaged to Nick.

The Break-Up

And then poor little Raven’s feet came out of the car first and we all knew for sure that she was about to get her heart broken. I have to say, I really did think Nick was going to choose Vanessa in the end but the last couple weeks I secretly hoped we were all wrong and that he’d end up with Raven. It was very sad watching him break up with her and he took it very hard because he’s been in her exact position twice before. Raven handled it very maturely, but I wouldn’t expect any less from her. She’s proven to be a class act this season.

The Proposal

The moment of truth. Nick was ready to propose to Vanessa but would she accept? I’m sure she had an inkling when she walked through the door because he grabbed her into a hug and started kissing her. Usually, the girl goes first and give her last pitch/profession of love but instead Nick jumped in and started to tell her when he first started to fall in love with her and how he was so happy he didn’t have to try to fight it or hide it anymore.

Vanessa reciprocated and then Nick got down on one knee (he finally made it to the knee without getting stopped in his tracks) and popped the question. Vanessa broke down while he was asking and emphatically accepted. And they seemed super happy! Yay for Nick!

After the Final Rose

This was a super awkward ATFR. First, they went away from some of the things you come to expect from these things. There was no montage of the couple’s journey to happiness, they were not forced to re-watch the proposal, they were interviewed separately before coming together, and there were virtually no Bachelor alums present in the audience to offer support or advice. It was weird.

First, Chris Harrison talked to Nick. He seemed less than ecstatic. He just said things were ‘good’ and he was ‘happy’. Then Raven came out (looking fierce!) and had a super boring chat with Nick. The good news is Raven will be joining the Bachelor in Paradise cast the summer which is awesome!

After the break, Vanessa was in the hot seat (sans Nick, I guess they asked him to go backstage again). Her conversation with Chris was less joyful than expected. She addressed that it’s been hard but they are in love and both really want to make it work. Then Nick came out and it was even more awkward. Maybe they just aren’t big on PDA but they didn’t seem very ‘cozy’ and in love. They both talked about how they are realistic but hopeful which is good but they don’t have a wedding date set because they are still getting to know each other.

One good thing is that they did figure out where they would live, and Vanessa is moving to LA to be with Nick while he participates in Dancing with the Stars. Then I imagine they’ll move wherever they want their home base to be. Nick is from Chicago but maybe they’ll decide to stay in California. Who knows?

It just didn’t seem as happy an ending as I think we were all hoping for. But I wish them well and hope that things work out!

The last super strange moments of the show were dedicated to the next Bachelorette, Rachel. Chris surprised her by making her journey start right then and there on live TV as she greeted four of the men who will be vying for her heart very soon. It was bizarre.

Rachel’s official journey begins in May and then I can’t freaking wait for Bachelor in Paradise which is fast becoming my favorite in the franchise!

So concludes this season of The Bachelor!

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