The Bachelorette: JoJo's First Impressions

Oh what a glorious day! Yesterday was the premier of my favorite train wreck of a reality game show, The Bachelorette. Runner up, JoJo Fletcher, is our new Bachelorette and I can't wait to see how this season goes for her. My husband (who is a not so secret Bachelor lover himself) and I have VERY different ideas about JoJo. He's getting an Andi vibe from her and she was definitely not his favorite. I disagree, if we're comparing Bachelorette to Bachelorette, I'd put JoJo along the same lines as an Ali (who is among the best of all time - just saying). But I digress. My main point is that I think JoJo is going to be amazing, and I'm so excited to see her find love this season!

Because it was only the first night, it's hard to get a good read on the guys but here are my first impressions and the stand outs from last night:

Jordan - Recently retired football player, and brother of Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers, Jordan got (and deserved) the first impression rose. He seems great. I can definitely see him being a front runner for a while. I'll reserve judgment until we see how things develop. I did see a few things in the previews about guys thinking he's not super genuine but I also think that some of these guys are just straight up jealous.

Luke - Arriving on a "real" unicorn, this guy caught the attention of JoJo right away! In case you need a refresher, JoJo came out of the limo last season wearing a unicorn mask. Follow up interaction between JoJo and Luke was really sweet and I think he's a good guy.

Alex - The shorty marine is already a target for some of the meaner guys in the house. They completely misinterpreted his very "bachelor" typical first night interaction with JoJo as him have a Napoleon complex because he's so short. From his bio reel we learned that he has a twin brother who is recently married and he'd like to settle down with someone too. He seems like a good guy to me, I like him so far.

Saint Nick - Okay so this guy came dressed as Santa... but turns out he's kind of a nice cute guy. I'd be interested in seeing more of him dressed as a normal person. The other guys did not approve of JoJo rewarding his gimmick with a rose.

Chad - First of all his name is Chad. (Sorry all decent Chad's in the world, but that's a douche name) Anyway, first impressions were pretty good. He's definitely charming and JoJo is very clearly attracted to him. He is, however, horrible. So far it's pretty clear that he will be the jealous type that doesn't get along with the other guys and will be "different in the house than he is with her". So he's the bad boy and she needs to watch herself. It's also clear that she is aware of her tendency to fall for bad boys and that being with Ben opened her eyes, so we can only hope that Chad doesn't make it to the final three but I feel like he'll be sticking around causing drama for a while.

Daniel - What. The. Actual. Fuck. This weirdy is somehow still around, despite disrobing at the cocktail party and having virtually zero ability to converse like a normal person. What he does bring to the picture is a kind of funny Canadian accent.

I think those are the main, high level, insights on the guys. Oh except that one guy (can't remember his name) who is a former pastor who now helps people through his work as an erectile dysfunction specialist... oh man, that dude was creepy.

Generally speaking, I think we're in for a dramatic season. These guys seem to be pretty jealous, judgmental, and kind of negative. Also, there were so many drunkards! You typically get one super drunk person who makes an ass of himself, this season we got like five! Not your typical "bachelor bros". There are obviously good eggs among them so I'm confident that JoJo will find someone great, so let's not worry too much and just enjoy the crazy!

What a tool.
Lastly, I want to note that bringing Jake Pavelka (of Jake & Vienna notoriety) back the way they did was really weird. Jake is an old family friend of JoJo's (apparently) and he came in to steal her away just before she started to hand out roses. Obviously, the guys know who Jake is and freaked the hell out because they think he is there to try to date JoJo. Turns out he just wanted to give her some friendly advice. It was clearly a production ploy and it was really dumb. Otherwise, it was a great start to what is sure to be "the most dramatic season yet"!

So, aside from these initial thoughts, here are the guys that I like so far:
Jordan, Luke, Alex, Ali, Nick, Wells

I can't wait to blog the season for you! Until next week everyone!

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