Bachelor Blog: Women Tell All

I'm going to keep this short and sweet with just a few highlights. Last night was the Women Tell All special, where many of the rejected contestants get to confront each other and Ben.

The women in attendance: Lace, Chicken Girl, Amber, Jami, Isabel "Izzy", Rachel, Jubilee, Jennifer, Shushanna, Lauren H., Olivia, Leah, Becca, Haley, Emily, Amanda, and Caila

First of all, why is Chicken Girl there? She got kicked off night one and wasn't even that interesting. Secondly, I feel like I've never seen Isabel "Izzy" before... what the heck, how do they decide which girls go to this! Anyway....

The main focus before Ben came out was on Jubilee, Olivia and Caila. So let's quickly break that down.

Jubilee - So the women basically attacked her and it was really unfair. I think she had a really hard time on the show and instead of being understanding the women just went after her. In particular Amber and Jami who took serious offense to her thinking she was the only black girl on the show since she was "full black". This was so stupid. She didn't even realize she had offended them which, to be fair she should have, but once she apologized they were like "it's cool". Why even bring it up. Apparently we needed a race debate on The Bachelor this season. I think hearing Jubilee talk to Chris Harrison about her experience helped the other girls see where she was coming from and it seems that everyone left feeling better about her. That's good, she is a nice, decent person and just because she had a harder time than the other girls doesn't mean they should hate on her so much.

Olivia - Yep, this was a mess as expected. Basically, the twins tore into her and you couldn't even understand what they were trying to say because they kept talking over each other. Then Amanda confronted her. Finally, Olivia got a chance to talk things out with Chris and owned up to the mistakes she made. She gave a heartfelt apology to Amanda, and everyone else. Which was accepted. Okay guys, let's all just get over Olivia. Stop being so mean. She can't even be on her social accounts right now because everyone is writing such hurtful things. If these ladies can forgive her so should everyone else.

Seriously the girls this season! They're so nice. Generally speaking that is because I still don't know why but Amber just rubs me the wrong way, and Emily and Haley were still kind of mean to Olivia but in general I really love Emily. Everyone seemed to get along and sort of get over all the crap that went down during the show. At least that's how it seemed to me.

Caila - This was pretty heart breaking to watch. She was obviously very hurt when Ben broke up with her and was watching it back for the first time. She was very thoughtful and communicated her feelings well. She was also very gracious toward Ben and as much as I'm sure it hurts her is trying to be happy for him. She just wants him to be happy but it sucks for her that he wasn't in love with her. She said that she was glad that she could see how in love he is with Lauren and JoJo, and that she wishes that someday someone will look at her the way he looks at them. That's still super weird that he loves "them" and not just one of them.

Really all of the girls have a great respect for Ben and are inspired by the fact that guys like him exist. It gives them hope for love outside the show.

So yeah, Ben has been one of the best Bachelor's in the history of the show. He's not perfect (like they want you to believe) but he is real, and genuine. Last night he talked with Chris about how he was able to compartmentalize each relationship. Which is why he was able to tell both Lauren and JoJo that he loves them. He also told everyone that he is really happy, and very much in love. And that he "would marry that woman tomorrow" if he could. So, next week we find out who Ben chooses and hopefully we'll get another Bachelor wedding on the horizon!

Until next week everyone... and enjoy some bloopers to hold you over until then! 

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