Bachelor Blog: Two Faced Girls (Week 6)

Here we go, last week was To Be Continued with Ben asking to speak with Olivia before the rose ceremony to clear up some things he'd been hearing from the other girls at the cocktail party last week. So that's where we begin. While Ben's taking Olivia outside to chat, the other girls are comparing notes about what he asked them about Olivia. Amanda is convinced that he's going to take the rose back and ask Olivia to leave but the other girls are much more skeptical. Meanwhile....

OMG, Olivia is the worst. When Ben asks her about what the girls were saying (basically that she's fake and doesn't get along with the other girls in the house and is a mean girl) she just starts talking down about every other girl in that house. First, she starts by saying that they have targeted her because she is confident and has been validated with roses (she's gone into 3 rose ceremonies already having a rose, that's more than half of the rose ceremonies to this point). Then she talked about how she's not like the other girls. They like to paint their nails and do each others hair, and she likes to read and "talk smart things". What a bitch. But it wasn't enough to make Ben let her go quite yet so she came back with him and the girls were not surprised but pretty sad.

Which means that Jennifer went home from that rose ceremony, and remember Jubilee also went home last week.

Now on to the meat of week 6 in the Bahamas!

First of all, they had horrible weather the whole time they were there. Most of the girls were windblown and frizzy the entire time. But Lauren B. hit it on the nail when she said that maybe the weather was a good indicator for how this week went. It was a rough one for Ben. Things are getting serious and it's kind of crazy that going in to this week there are only NINE girls left. It's a noticeable difference especially on group dates. Up to this point the group dates have been pretty crowded and the girls have no choice but to just make the most of it. Now the group dates are down to the top contenders and all of them want quality time with Ben and want to see him making time with girls that are major competition. But we'll get to that, first the one-on-one.

"Let's See If Our Love is Reel"

Date: Caila

It's official, Caila gets the first second one-on-one of the season! And this is where Leah starts to unravel. See, Leah is the only one who truly hasn't had quality one-on-one time with Ben. Emily also hasn't technically had a one-on-one but she beat out her twin in their "hometownish" date so she's at least had a smaller group date with some quality time. Leah, in her own words, has got shit. So yeah, that was a bumpy start. The majority of Caila and Ben's date was cut with confessionals of Leah crying and wondering why she was even there.

But on the actual date... Caila and Ben went deep sea fishing. Ben chose Caila for this date because even though they've had a one-on-one before the majority of that date they were accompanied by Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. So he needed more time to get to know the real Caila. Even though the date card was a pun, this reel date turned out to be a real date. Caila mentioned to Ben that she needed a small adjustment period to get over seeing the faces of some of the girls as she left for this date. But she's classier than some of the other girls because when he asked who was making faces she declined to name names. She just wanted him to know that it's hard for her but worthwhile.

The evening part of the date took a turn for the serious and Ben thought he might be saying good bye to Caila, and not by his choice. They had some deep discussion and she confused the hell out of him, but he liked that she challenged him and that he got to see a real authentic side to her. Basically, she told him that she feels like she loves him but that she's not quite ready to be vulnerable and she's afraid she might break his heart. That may seem like a read flag but here is what she probably meant - she is falling in love with him and she knows that he is taking this very seriously so she is feeling pressure to make sure that she is truly in love with him so that they don't make it to the end of this and fall apart. It's a lot of pressure. But these are the kinds of conversations he should be having with the girls at this point. He felt that they really started a "relationship" with that conversation and of course she got the rose.

Oh I forgot to mention that this week there is a one-on-one, a group date and a two-on-one. Which is another reason Leah was losing her shit, because she didn't want to be on a group date again. She would rather go on a two-on-one and get sent home having had more time on the date for Ben to get to know her than be on another group date and be overshadowed.

"Love is Unpredictable"

Group date: Lauren B., Becca, Amanda, Lauren H., JoJo and .... Leah

Too bad for Leah, she's on the group date. And pissed about it. Ben takes the girls on a boat ride to a private island for the group date. As they approached the island Becca shouts "There's a PIG in the water!" Yes, a heard of island pigs started swimming out to them and they were supposed to get out, swim with the pigs and feed them chicken hot dogs. I think we can safely say no one would have predicted that, good descriptor on the date card Chris Harrison.

So the clan of pigs is pretty scary. They really wanted those chicken hot dogs! The girls were all shrieking in terror and then being like "oh sure, we're having a great time". They were not having a great time. I think they all felt as Becca did when she said "I didn't know I was scared of pigs until today". Once they were done playing with the pigs, they hung out on the beach and Ben swam around inviting different girls to swim out further with him to have alone time. Unfortunately, this wasn't very successful because while he was swimming with the girl of the moment the other girls were right there watching. Did you see who is on this date? Pretty much ALL of the front runners. So he's making time with Lauren B. and all the girls can see that those two have a lot of chemistry and start to feel uncomfortable.

Needless to say the date was weird and awkward. Ben talked to JoJo about it being weird and she told him that it was just uncomfortable to see him so connected with other girls when all of them were feeling a strong connection with him. Becca confirmed this in the evening when she said that it was just hard for the girls to watch him have such chemistry with Lauren B. but that it wasn't necessarily a bad thing at least for her because she wouldn't be feeling jealous if she didn't really like him.

So for the rest of the night, Ben's solution was to talk with each girl and make them feel validated that he liked them. This is when he had his first weird conversation with Leah.

I bet you thought the title of this post was going to be about Olivia, didn't you. Well not so fast. Leah decided that she needed to stand out, but instead of trying to let him get to know her she decided to basically take the girl that she thought he had the best connection with and throw her under the bus, which was Lauren B. So Leah tells Ben that Lauren B. isn't the same in the house as she is with him. Classic Bachelor accusation. Unfortunately, this is completely untrue. Lauren B. is nice to everyone and has definitely been herself around both the girls and Ben so Leah is just making stuff up to get him to question his relationship with Lauren so that if he gets rid of her there will be room for Leah to stay. Not cool Leah.

After this chat with Leah, Lauren and Ben talk and he tells her what was said (but not who said it). She is completely blindsided and doesn't know how to respond so their time is cut short and then she is visibly upset. As she should be.

Ben ends up giving the date rose to Amanda (just a safe bet there, trying to avoid some drama I think).

When the girls go back to the house, Lauren tries to figure out who would say that about her to Ben and they figure out that it was Leah. Meanwhile, Leah gets gussied up and decides to take matters into her own hands by going over to Ben's room for alone time. This could have been good for them if she had taken the time to let him get to know her, but instead she decided to use the time to bash on Lauren some more. Luckily Ben kind of saw through it and realized it was time for her to go home. So off she went. Unfortunately, the things that she said made him kind of question Lauren which is not okay because they are untrue, but he doesn't know that and she just put this mean little bug in his ear.

"Two girls, One rose. One stays, One goes."

Date: Olivia vs. Emily

Interesting pairing, you think the producers had anything to do with this? Hey, let's match up the girl everyone hates with the girl that hates her the most and has been the most vocal about it. Oh well, so it goes. Luckily, Emily knows better than to waste her time bad mouthing Olivia. Ben can figure out for himself that Olivia is a phony.

So in true two-on-one form the date was really weird. They went to a beach and while one girl sat alone he took the other off to have some conversation. Olivia spent the whole time talking about how awesome she is (she likes herself a lot) and ends with telling Ben that she is in love with him. Emily on the other hand was clearly a little more nervous and word vomited on him with her face completely masked by windblown hair. They had a kind of cute moment where he tried to help her get her hair out of her face and she calmed down a little bit.

So eventually, he grabs the rose and asks Olivia to take a walk with him. Poor Emily is sad and also mad for him because she thinks he's making a big mistake. But then what we've all been waiting for happened. He sent Olivia home! I honestly think, her telling him that she was in love with him was the final nail in the coffin. He probably thought, "crap this girl loves me" and he doesn't love her so he had to send her home. Emily got to witness the moment when he turned around to come back to her, rose still in hand and was super excited! Thankfully, he did give her the rose and didn't send them both packing, that would have been embarrassing.

So after a long and super hard week for Ben, he was pretty exhausted and decided he just didn't have it in him to go through a cocktail party. So instead of Ben walking through the doors, Chris Harrison comes in to address the ladies. Becca immediately goes "uh-oh", she knows what's up, she's done this before. Poor JoJo, is having a hard time and really needed a few moments with Ben but unfortunately didn't get that chance before the rose ceremony.

The rose ceremony was uneventful, just passed out the roses and Lauren H. was sent home.

Out this week: Leah, Olivia and Lauren H.
Still there: Becca, Caila, JoJo, Emily, Amanda and Lauren B.

I'm not sure what format the next few weeks will take but my top 3 are Lauren, Becca and JoJo, all of the girls who are left are good choices. I'm a little surprised by Emily but I really like her, I just don't think she'll be the one in the end.

Looks like things are going to get real next week and we're in for non-stop drama through the end of the season. But first, on Sunday night there is a Bachelor 20th season special on and A BACHELOR WEDDING! I like how the commercial tries to hide who the couple is, I'm pretty sure it was announced several weeks ago that Jade and Tanner were getting married on Feb 14th, so if it's not them that would be weird.

Until next week everyone!

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