Reading Challenge: March 2015

Reading Challenge update! Here are the books I read in March, lots of reading accomplished in March so I made some major progress toward my goal!

I am the Messenger- I had no idea that the author of The Book Thief had written another book until one of my book club mates told me! Since The Book Thief is one of my favorite books I thought I better read Markus Zusak's other book too! This book is very very different from The Book Thief but reinforces Zusak's skill. Based in Australia, the story follows Ed Kennedy after he inadvertently stops a bank robbery. Ed begins to receive playing cards with addresses and has to figure out what message those people need to receive. It's really a story about personal growth and helping people and is pretty inspiring. Learn more here.

Big Little Lies - This one was a book club pick, it's been on the best seller list and multiple book club selection lists, also is a mystery which can be fun for book clubs! The story reads very fast and is very character driven which I really liked. Also based in Australia (looks like March is inadvertently and Australia month for me), the story follows three kindergarten moms and the cliquey world that they are entering. I found it really easy relate to each of these women which is a testament to the writing. In particular I was drawn to Ziggy, the 5 year old boy accused of bullying. My heart broke for that little kid, perhaps it's because I'm in the "child bearing" age demographic but it just hit me right in my soft spot! Learn more here.

Sarah's Key- Another one that pulled at my "future mom" strings (PS, I'm not expecting or anything I say "future mom" as in a "someday" situation). In this story Sarah, a ten-year old girl, is arrested during the Vel'd'Hiv' roundup in 1942 Paris, locking her little brother in a cupboard to hid him. She thinks she'll be able to come back for him, having no idea what she's about to go through. Thinking about that little boy in the closet and wondering what happened to him made me want to read this book constantly! The story is offset with a modern storyline of Julia Jarmond, a journalist who is investigating the round up and follows how learning about this tragic incident in history changes her and her life forever. Learn more here. 

Insurgent - Re-read this one in preparation for the movie! All I can say is that if you haven't read the Divergent series you really really should! It is wonderful and I love it! Learn more here.

Better Than Before - I have been waiting for this book since Gretchen (whom I refer to by first name only because in my mind we are friends) announced that she was writing another book. Gretchen Rubin is the author of one of my favorite books The Happiness Project and Happier at Home. I was excited to get to read her take on habits and how those ultimately effect our happiness. It's a really good read with lots of strategies fostering good habits and breaking bad ones. Still contemplating posting a full blog post on this book alone, to be determined. Learn more here. 

Goal standings:
11/35 total books (3 books ahead of schedule)
2/5 Happy Books
0/5 Business Books
1/5 Biographies

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