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I know this was already week 2 of The Bachelorette and that I didn't write a post for week 1 but honestly I didn't have a lot to say after week 1. I didn't get a good handle on any of the guys from first impressions and I thought Des was really uncomfortable that first night. After seeing her interaction with all the guys last night, I'm glad to see that she's settling in to her role as the Bachelorette!

Now on to the dates! The first one-on-one date was given to Brooks, and I have to say that I already love him. On the date they went to a bridal shop where they played dress up. For any other Bachelorette this would have been a pretty weird date, but since it's what Des does for a living and she loves designing wedding gowns this was just fun and quirky. After they got dressed up in their wedding finest they went for cupcakes, which they called their "wedding cake".

This date was jam packed with activity, after changing out of the wedding attire Des took Brooks to the Hollywood sign and eventually ended up with a dinner for two and a private concert (a staple of Bachelor/Bachelorette dates). Brooks was really genuine, he was completely surprised and excited by every new twist that Des threw at him and they just had a good time hanging out together. He also shared some of the story of how he grew up and opened up to Des. He seems like a good one, I hope he sticks around for a while.

Group date time! Okay, this group date was totes weird. They made a rap video where each of the guys (and Des) got to rap a short segment poking fun at previous Bachelorette contestants. Kind of funny, but really awkward too! The worst one was Brandon who had to go pantless and refer to his "member". Poor guy. More awkwardness came from Mikey, who has taken a disliking to Ben and heckled him the whole time obnoxiously.

In the evening portion of the date, Des spent some quality time with
Ben -who talks endlessly about his son to her but apparently never mentions him with the guys.
Zak W. - who gave her a really amazing antique journal and showed a much more genuine side, so he's more than just an "abs" gimick!
Brandon - who seems really sweet and kind but was a bit uncomfortable. He really wanted time with Des and when he finally got it he launched right in to his very sad upbringing (his father left when he was a kid and his mother was a drug addict so he raised himself and his two siblings). It worked out once they talked through everything, I think he was just uncomfortable in the way that he sprung it on her (maybe would have been a better story for a one-on-one date) but in the end she was happy with his openness! Another cute thing I liked about Brandon was his advice to the guys to just "be themselves and have fun and not worry so much about the rose". That being said, I think he likes Des A LOT and super early in the game, he might get his heart broken.
Mikey - Aside from his obnoxious heckling earlier in the day, I can tell that this guy likes drama which makes him not the best fit for Des. He seemed more concerned about Ben than anything else. When he decided to confront Ben about being fake I was a little worried that his crazy was going to ruin things for him. However, I actually thought his approach to Ben was good and their discussion was mature (until Ben got fake again and started complimenting Mikey's shoes).

For the second one-on-one Des chose Bryden. I didn't remember him at all from the first night so I was kind of surprised, but she really picked a good guy. Their date was a perfect first date, a road trip! I loved this because the majority of the time they got to spend together was in the car where they could just talk to each other! That's what you need to do on these first dates, talk and learn everything you can about each other! It was a good choice on Des' part all around, great date, great guy! There was a short awkward moment when they were in the pool. I think it was because Bryden is really shy and a sweet guy because finally Des blurted out "Just kiss me already!" and then the awkwardness was over. (PS I'm kind of obsessed with Des' pink dress from this date, I want it and I can't find a good picture of it!)

The cocktail party was classic cocktail party. Lots of gossip and stealing time with Des! These guys seem as caddy as girls this season. I usually think most of the guys get along pretty well (as opposed to when it's a house full of women), but I can already tell who is going to cause the drama this season. It's going to be Michael, Mikey and Ben! It seems like their drama might already come to a head next week from what the  previews show! Mikey has the crazy eyes, this was the first thing I noticed about him week 1. Especially during the rose ceremony, but turns out those crazy eyes reflect his true crazy personality. He likes the drama and gets worked up over things that don't even involve him, I don't think this will bode well for him in the long run. Michael also has taken a strong disliking to Ben, I have to say his reaction to Ben interrupting his one-on-on time with Des was a little immature and a bit of an overreaction. However, after listening to the gossip about Ben that the guys were dishing last night, maybe it wasn't such an overreaction after-all?

Here's what I can tell about Ben so far:
Ben is the one who's son Brody stepped out of the limo first, so he's got the super cute kid thing on his side. You can tell he's got Des convinced he's one to keep around for a while (he got the first rose night one and the rose on the group date this week). He talks about his son a lot around Des but not so much around the house, one of the guys last night even said he wondered how the kid was doing since they hadn't heard anything about him since the first night. Another tidbit from the man gossip was that Ben has said that other Bachelor's have used the show to leverage their personal businesses. He owns a bar and recalled how guys from other seasons have gone from one to five bars after having been on the show. Ben insists that he's there for Des but so far he does seem kind of fake. We'll see where this goes.

Looks like we're in for some drama right off the bat and next week will be chocked full of it with a fight among the men and one of the contestants girlfriends coming to the mansion to confront him!

Ones to watch: Brooks and Bryden
Crazies of the Season: Ben, Michael and Mikey

Such good TV! I love it, so happy it's back!

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