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So I started the episode a little late and came in right when Bryden was getting ready to bust in on Des and Chris’s date, I’m guessing I didn’t miss much up until that point though! Des brought the men to Munich, Germany this week and as I predicted last week “stuff” went down! It was a good week for viewers with lots of drama, which is the only reason to watch!

One-on-one date: Chris

As I said, I missed the beginning part of this date, I’m not surprised that Des chose him for a one-on-one. It seems like they are making good progress as a couple. Unfortunately, Bryden had to come in and wreck the party! Chris and Des were having a fun time folk dancing together and about to move on for their next Germany adventure when Bryden stepped in and asked Chris is he could have a moment with Des. I think Chris handled this really well. He was obviously taken aback but he could  have reacted in a much less mature way.

We break in to this regularly scheduled date with an interruption from Bryden who has traveled all the way to Germany only to decide he really doesn’t like Des as a girlfriend or potential wife and is going home. This was our first advertised confrontation of the night, and it turned out really not to be a confrontation at all. Des knew this was a possibility and she’s really strong so basically it was like “You want to go home, fine.” Although she did say she wished he hadn’t come all the way to Germany. If he knew he wasn’t feeling it before he shouldn’t have accepted her rose last week. I’m a little sad because I liked him initially, but clearly this wasn’t his thing. So long Bryden.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled date… when Des returned it was clear that she was upset but trying to put on a happy face and enjoy her time with Chris. Chris was really sweet and supportive. I’m liking their interactions more and more. Chris seems like an odd choice, he’s really different from the other guys but he seems to have a lot in common with Des. That being said, I haven’t seen a lot of passion from this couple yet (though Chris says he’s feeling the passion). Is it just me or was Des a little drunk on their dinner date? Either that or she was on the verge of tears the entire time and Chris’ poem set her over the edge. It was a pretty sweet moment really, I was surprised to see so much emotion from Des, but then again people get emotional when their drunk. I’m a little bored with the bachelorette one-on-one date formula of fun day time activity, fancy dinner and private concert. Come on Des, you’re more creative than this mix things up a little!

All in all  it was a good one-on-one, even with the Bryden interruption and Des is feeling confident in Chris!

Group date: Play time on the highest peak in Germany!

Jealous! While I probably would have peed my pants in that sky trolly thing that they rode up the peak, that view was probably the most beautiful thing ever! And how cute was Drew saying that he just enjoyed watching Des’ reaction? Keep your eyes on Drew, I think he’s a good guy and we haven’t seen enough of him yet! The yodeling with that old man was pretty hilarious (especially if you watched to the end of the episode and saw him give that horrible marriage advice to the group!) Extreme sledding seemed to be right up Des’ alley, I don’t think I’ve seen  her have so much fun before! It was so funny when Drew crashed right in to her, he was all worried and she just popped back on her sled and kept going!

I really liked that they just continued the date right there on the mountain in their igloo ice mansion instead of getting all dressed up and hanging by a pool! The guys who stood out on the group date were:

Brooks (of course) – Des just likes making out with him all the time and he’s really funny. Finally, he got the group date rose!
Mikey – Mikey thinks he and Des are progressing and have this great connection… I had yet to see this until they were sitting outside making snow men and talking about real things and just having fun together. That is until Zak was a creeper as usual and cut in with his yodeling.
Zak – stands out only for extreme creepy. I still don’t like him and he’s working too hard to win Des over. Maybe he should have gone with his first instinct and become a priest….

Which brings us to…..

THE 2-on-1 DATE!

I love the 2-on-1 because it’s the most awkward date of the show! Ali Fedotowsky (former Bachelorette) once wrote in her blog that no one ever brings a front runner on these dates. Typically, they bring two people that they’re really not sure about so it doesn’t really matter which one gets sent home. I think this is probably true. The only instance I can think of is when Brad brought Ashley H. on the 2-on-1 and she ended up being top 3. Des decided to bring Michael and Ben, I don’t think anyone has hated anyone else more in the history of the show more than Michael hates Ben. This was so great!

Michael is a complete psycho, I’ve thought it for a while. He honestly thought that his purpose on this date would be to expose Ben as a fraud and that that  is why Des invited him on the date. I guarantee Des was not thinking that when she invited him. He’s clearly delusional and I think a little obsessed with Ben. Everything that Ben said on the date made Michael’s blood boil and it was completely obvious on his face! Des thought she could defuse the tension with their hottug ride on the lake (who else thought the hottug was the most  amazing invention ever? In case you missed it – a hottug is a tug boat that fills with the lake water and then heats it so you’re floating around on the lake basically in a hot tub… AMAZING!) anyway, that didn’t really work out and Des just got to feel uncomfortable while Michael attacked everything that Ben said. This came to a head at the dinner portion of the date where he verbally attacked Ben. I thought this was pretty extreme, I even started to feel kind of bad for Ben! Ben eventually had to step outside because he was about to put his “good Christian man” hat aside and open up a can of whoop-ass on Michael.

Eventually, Des did talk to each of the guys individually and Michael tried to explain himself. Personally, if I were her I would have sent them both home. That was a disaster of a date and I don’t think she’ll end up with either of them. But in a shocking twist, she kept Michael and Ben got to show is true colors. That Ben is a good actor because immediately afterward he paced around outside cursing and looking all-around menacing and then Des came outside and he’s like “It’s all good, I hope you find what you’re looking for”. Bleh, I almost believed he wasn’t a douche bag, but turns out he really is.

In the meantime, back at the house Drew and Kasey revealed that they heard a disturbing conversation on the way home from the group date. Apparently, James isn’t the good guy Des thinks he is. Can’t say I’m super surprised, when I first saw him admittedly I judged him as a player. He had me pretty convinced after his date with Des that he might be a legitimate contender but now I don’t believe anything he says. Especially after the way he acted this week. He’s all smiles and sweetness around Des and then he’s just a jock playing around when he’s with the guys. And incredibly over confidents. His best quote of the night was “The only person who is a threat to me is myself.” Uhhhh, whatever that means. I’m going to choose to believe that it means that he’ll be taken out by his own actions which will probably be the case.

The unfortunate business that Drew overheard was that James thinks he’ll “own Chicago” after becoming famous on The Bachelorette and that if he makes it to the top 4 he’ll have a good shot at becoming The Bachelor and his life will be changed forever. He’s probably not the only one there who thinks that if things didn’t work out with Des that they could try to be The Bachelor, that’s pretty common. But don’t be a doucher about it!

Poor Drew didn’t get the chance to fill Des in on this development because she elected not to have a cocktail party because her mind was made up and she knew who she should send home. But don’t fret too much, looks like he’ll get his chance next week! We’re in full Bachelorette drama mode! Mid-season is where it gets good!

Leaving us tonight: Bryden (though he elected to go home), Ben and MikeyStand outs from this episode: Drew – he needs a one-on-one!
Favorites so far: Brooks and Chris

There’s only 8 left but I think it’s still anyone’s game! I do think that Chris and Brooks will at least make it to hometowns, not sure who will be joining them!

Until next week!

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