Here's what I think: Bachelor's Back!

The wait is finally over! The Bachelor is back with the best Bachelor yet, Sean Lowe! He was my pick in Emily's season and I was heartbroken when she booted him. When I found out that Sean was going to be the Bachelor, I told my boyfriend he was lucky he had me because if I was a single lady I'd be signing up to be one of the twenty-five ladies vying for Sean's heart this year. The season kicked off with some twists and as has become more an more common in the world of The Bachelor a lot of rule breaking. It started early when Sean presented a rose to Tiara immediately after meeting her when she stepped out of the limo and continued as he handed out roses throughout the cocktail meet and greet instead of waiting until the rose ceremony. I think this was a smart call, this way he didn't have to remember who made an impression on him. If a lady made an impression, he handed her a rose. Going in to the rose ceremony, 12 women already had roses and he had 7 more to give out. I think most of the people who will make it far are probably in the 12 pre-ceremony rose category; although I'm sure a few of the ladies who didn't make the best first impression will sneak in for the long haul. *Note - if ever you find yourself on The Bachelor, try not to get so drunk, doesn't make for the best first impression.

My favorite part of the episode came before any of the ladies stepped out of the limos, when Arie came for a visit to lend some advice to Sean. These guys were hilarious, and though it was a little over the top and clearly staged, it was a cute way to start off the night.

Now to the important things! Let me preface this by saying that I don't like spoilers, I know I could easily find out who wins Sean's heart by going online and reading about everything that happens this season, but I don't do that. I like to watch week-to-week and make my own judgements and guesses at who is going to stick around. That being said, if you know - please keep it to yourself! Now that I've got that off my chest, let's dig in and talk about the ladies!

A few stand outs:
Tiara - The girl that got the first rose, she made such an impression on Sean that he gave her a rose right then and there after she stepped out of the limo. And with good reason, she seems cute and genuine and her bio reel was precious. However, it seems she's going to be the "villain" of this season. The previews for upcoming episodes show her as the house bitch that none of the girls like. I'm reluctant to believe any of this, you know how the show cuts these clips for the most drama, I'm choosing to reserve judgement. Maybe the girls are jealous of her and bully her. Who wouldn't be a little defensive when everyone gangs up against you. I see her going pretty far, we'll see if she has to leave the show from her "injury" or stick around. If she stays I think she'll make it to top 5 at least.
AshLee F. - The organizer, I might have picked her as a front runner just because of how organized her closet was... but I don't think so. She seems confident and to know what she wants. I was a little concerned when in her bio reel she started crying. I understand that being in foster care is hard and that she was lucky to get adopted by a loving family. I'm hoping those tears were love tears, she was overwhelmed with love for her family maybe? I'm hoping that she's not overly emotional and holding on to feelings of being unwanted. That could upset things.
Des - The bridal consultant (not to be confused with Lindsay the girl in the wedding dress), super cute girl. I don't really know what it was about her, I just really like her. I'm worried though because in the preview we see that her boyfriend (or hopefully exboyfriend) comes to the show to win her back and to confront Sean. Don't be drama Des, you seem normal, I hope you are.
Lindsay - The girl in the wedding dress. I think she's really funny and cute. Too bad she got drunk and made a little bit of an ass of herself, but she recovered I think after Sean refused her kiss I think it sobered her for the moment and she realized she needed to say something good about herself. I think he can tell that she's a good girl and would be fun and sweet. He gave her the benefit of the doubt and I actually think she'll go pretty far.

KacieB is back! Some of the girls think that Kacie has an advantage because she made it to 4th place in Ben's season, but that really has nothing to do with her odds with Sean. Just because she made a connection with Ben doesn't mean she will with Sean. You could speculate that because she and Sean have met previously and have the start of a friendship that she might have an advantage there but I actually think that could work against her. Sean flat out said that he had only though of her as a friend before. I see this going one of two ways. 1. He'll keep her around for a couple weeks and see if they have any romantic spark, but will send her home if he doesn't feel anything pretty early. 2. They will have a spark and the headlines will write themselves "Second Chances: Sean and Kacie find love with a do-over on The Bachelor". Seriously, it could be huge. But I kind of see option one happening. We'll see.

No surprises here:
Ashley P - Best quote of the night was when Sean said "50 Shades of Grey turned in to 50 shades of drunk tonight." Perfect description of what happened here. She got way to drunk and let her freak flag fly too early in meeting Sean. Wow. And she wonders why she's still single
Ashley H - Beautiful girl, Sean even commented on her lovely blue prom dress; but this girl clearly had no personality. Her conversations with Sean were suuuper awkward. She seemed very surprised to be going home, I was not. 
Paige from Bachelor Pad, oh honey. I feel bad for this girl. I though she was kind of cute as one of the "fans" on Bachelor Pad and was sorry to see her go the first night of that show too. However, in this situation I think she got her show's confused. She seemed to be all business and wanting to know the the rules and what was happening rather than just trying to tell Sean about herself and see if they clicked. Poor girl, I guess The Bachelor isn't going to help her find love.

The best part about watching The Bachelor week-to-week is the "This Season on The Bachelor" previews at the end of each episode. They completely suck you in and leaving you wanting more. No doubt this season will be full of drama, romance and a mostly naked Sean (as illustrated here, you're welcome), what more could we want?

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