Here's What I think: Date Night, Game night - 5 Awesome Board Games for Two!

Everyone loves a good family game night right? Right! I love board games, they play in to my highly competitive nature. But like many of you out there, I'm in the pre-family stage of life. No little kids to share in the board game action. My boyfriend and I have always enjoyed playing games together but it's often hard to find a game that we can play with just the two of us, so I've taken this opportunity to seek out and make a list of 5 awesome board games for two players:

1. Scrabble- Sure it says up to 4 players, but 2 players is just as fun! Dig out your Scrabble dictionary and duel with your words!

2. Checkers- Less intense than chess, so you can focus on your smack talk (I mean conversation)! My boyfriend and I actually played this game on our first date!

3. Jenga - This one takes some concentration, but you can work together to choose the best blocks to move, because who wants the tower to fall on the first few tries?

4. Guess Who? - Classic, practice your communication skills with the game that makes you investigate through questions!

5. Battleship - You sunk my battleship! Like a more macho, war based Guess Who?

With these games in your arsenal, you can bring a little excitement and healthy competition to you average every day date night!

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