Here's what I think: It's Valentine's Time!

Valentine's day is one of my favorite holidays! For year's I have been celebrating this wonderfully pink and mushy holiday with what I like to call "The 14 Day's of Pink." For the first 14 days of the month of February I traditionally have worn something pink every day.

Pink. The most beautiful and joyful color in the spectrum. I hear you pink haters out there and really I think you're wasting your time. Anyone who has an outward hatred toward any color is a sad and bitter person. Don't you have anything better to do than to hate on people for embracing color? Pink is my favorite color, and the brighter the better. Some say that pink is my "signature" color- for whatever reason when they think of me they think of pink. Which is odd because in all reality I really don't wear excessive amounts of pink, with the exception of the first 14 days of February.

Because I have such a love for the color pink my wardrobe does contain many garments in various shades of the color, so it isn't a chore to have to think of something pink to wear every day. I just go to the pink section of my color segregated closet and grab something, simple as that! Traditionally, on February 15th I resume my everyday attitude toward attire and mix in other colors. However, this year I've been playing with the idea of extending my little exercise throughout the remainder of the month. So here is my public announcement that for 2010 "The 14 Days of Pink" has become "The 28 days of Pink!"

So join in the festiveness of Valentine's day, you don't have to adorn yourself with pink attire. Whip out your old Valentine boxes and share some treats and cards with your friends, family and co-workers. Eat chocolate, it's good for you! Milk chocolate equals daily calcium source. Dark chocolate is antioxidant enriched, and therefore good for you, guilt free!

Enjoy February 14th as a day of love and happiness. Exchange a cheesy card and box of chocolates with the one you love, or if you're single embrace your friends or treat yourself to some well deserved pampering.

And remember, hate and loathing aren't worth the time and effort. It takes more energy to frown than to smile. So, if you aren't a lover of Valentine's day or the color pink for that matter that's okay, you don't have to love it but don't be a hater!

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  1. I made it! 28 days of pink is finally at a close. Today is the last day and I am happy to say that I successfully executed 28 unique outfits consisting of the color pink for every day in February!


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