Here's what I think: The Snowy Mountains of Iowa

Some say that Iowa is flat land, in reality Iowa is filled with rolling hills of corn fields and trees, but looking out the window today I'm amazed to see the mountain-like terrain that is the result of three early winter blizzards! Yikes-a-bee, will it ever end? We are only in the early stages of Iowa winter and it appears we will be digging out well into the spring. Even if it doesn't snow again the rest of the winter we have enough snow piled up that the melt down will take months!

With each fresh snow fall comes the treacherous driving conditions that many people don't know how to handle. Though it astounds me that year after year, Iowa residents have to relearn how to drive in snow. Come on, you live in Iowa, it happens every year! There are allowable exceptions, for example, I was leaving work last night and due to the heavy snowfall and the blowing winds it was hard to make out where the turn in the road was. I was going very slowly due to lack of visibility but took the turn a bit too early and lightly nudged one of the smaller snow mountains in the lot. Fortunately, due to my Iowa driving skills I was able to maneuver my way out and figured out where the road was!

While, I love the change of seasons that Iowa brings and am truly a great winter lover, having to drive to work or anywhere in this weather is a pesky annoyance. I would much rather be home, warm and cozy with my space heater directed at my mass of blankets with me under them enjoying a relaxing stay at home life style.

One month of winter down, approximately 5 more to go!

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