Here's what I think: Golden Globe Fashions, Undecided

The following fashions were almost there but didn't quite hit the mark:

3. January Jones - I'm disappointed in this look. January Jones was one of the best dressed at the Emmy Awards and frankly I was expecting something stunning. She is gorgeous and obviously knows how to dress herself. While this look isn't horrible, it's not up to expectations. The black seems harsh with her fair skin and bright red lip color and I think the head band distracts from the overall image as opposed to adding to it. This dress would have worked better if she had a looser hair style that mimicked the shape of the dress and she lost the headband.

2. Drew Barrymore - This dress was a step in the right direction for Drew Barrymore. I usually find that she is not well put together and often looks messy. I like the pulled back hair and her make up was really well done. I also enjoy the color of this dress on her and the subtle shimmer. Not so in love with sea creatures from the coral reef growing out of her hip and shoulder.

3. Kristen Bell - This is almost spot on, the only issue I have with this dress is the length and hemline. If it were slightly shorter and not asymmetrical it would have been just about perfect. The hair, make up and accessories are really put together. From waist up this is one of my favorites.

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