Here's what I think: Jon Plus Kate Equals Does Anyone Really Care Anymore?

This morning I watched a weepy Kate Gosselin on the Today Show talking about how her soon-to-be ex-husband took $230,000 out of their joint bank account leaving her with close to nothing as far as accessible funds for paying her bills. Now, initially when this whole Jon & Kate split happened, I sided with Jon. Frankly I thought Kate was kind of a nightmare of a wife from what I could tell on TV and I sympathized with Jon wanting to get away from her.

As the whole thing has unraveled, with Jon's obvious mid-life crisis and subsequent transformation, I'm finding myself joining Team Kate. She is clearly a stabilizing force in her kids lives, despite her witchy demeanor. However, I'm so tired of hearing about every detail of their divorce! Everytime something new happens Kate is on some talk show giving a statement. Honestly, we don't all need to know. It's all just sour grapes and "Look at me, I'm right and he's wrong. Be sad for me!"

Hopefully, their kids aren't allowed to watch TV or read magazines because it can't be healthy to see the bitterness between their parents in the public eye. They should do this privately and get it over with. Once the divorce is final maybe then Jon wont be able to steal money from his wife and kids. Seriously, what the heck is he spending $230,000 on? Probably a whole closet full of those disgusting Ed Hardy shirts.

"Sorry kids, mom can't pay the house payment, but at least dad can look like an idiot in his sweet panther shirt."

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