Here's what I think: Summer TV

I'm so disappointed with summer television! There are very limited television shows that I find worth while to watch this summer and it's a little sad that the only ones that I'm enjoying at the moment are More to Love and Dating in the Dark. In preparation for this blog, I watched the most recent episode of Dating in the Dark at If you haven't checked out Hulu yet, you really should. It's amazing! And speaking of amazing let's talk about Dating in the Dark.

Here's the premise: Three men and three women are chosen each week to participate in the dating experiment. They all live in the same house, however it's not co-ed, the men have a side of the house and the women have another side. They never see one another outside of the total darkness of the date room. The first meeting takes place with all six contestants. They talk and try to make a connection with someone, all the while the room is set in complete darkness, they cannot even see their hand in front of their face, let alone the potential suitors.

After the initial meeting they all decide whom they would like to invite on a one-on-one date. The daters, get to have three dates before the big reveal when they find out what their partner looks like. After the big reveal, we find out if looks really matter, and the contestants decide whether they would like to continue to date now that they can see each other in the light of day.

The first time I saw this show I thought it was ridiculous. Amazing and wonderful, but ridiculous. It seemed like a lot of the contestants used the darkness as an excuse to make out with each other and then get out of it by ditching at the end and using the excuse that they didn't connect. I haven't seen anyone come right out and say "Woa! He/she is way uglier than I imagined" they always come up with a less shallow excuse not to follow through with a real life date.

However, since those first few contestants that were make out happy, I've found that most of the people are very reluctant to do more than a sweet little "first kiss" type of peck during these "dark dates." That makes me appreciate the show a little more, I mean I'd watch it regardless because it's hilarious, but it's good to know that they aren't recruiting floozies.

All-in-all, I think this is a pretty fun "experiment" and for the most part it seems that these people are truly open to finding a match based on personality and less on looks. But I really can't wait until the fall when good television returns and I don't have to be so lame watching these sick "reality" game shows. Bring on The Office and Lost!

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