Here's what I think: Hannah Montana, The Movie

Hannah Montana, the teen phenomenon that makes young girls scream with delight wherever she's spotted. I'm not the typical Hannah Montana fanatic, in fact I can count the number of epsiodes I've seen on one hand, and not even using all my fingers. But when the trailer for the Hannah Montana movie came out I found myself strangely drawn to the film. I'm a sucker for feel-good movies and the trailer intrigued me and hit on my girly emotional senses.

I wasn't so drawn to it that I would pay full price to see it though, movies can be costly and there were pleny of other movies I cared more about so I waited and waited until finally the Hannah Montana movie arrived at our local dollar theater. My sister and I had vowed to see the movie when it came to the cheap theater and so we made immediate plans to see it. Unfortunately, our immediate plans were foiled by a mild illness on the part of my sister, so we had to wait another long week.

After all that waiting, we finally made it and it didn't disappoint! While I've seen very few episodes of the television show, my initial impression was that it was loud and crazy and somewhat irritating. Lucky for me, the movie features a much more toned down Miley taking an involuntary break from her Hannah Montana persona. Her father, real life Billy Ray Cirus- but fictional Bobby Ray or Robby Ray, takes her home to Tennessee for two weeks where she remembers her roots and finds first love.

My favorite part of the movie was the star studded appearances of famous country acts such as Rascal Flatts and my favorite, Taylor Swift. Which makes for a great soundtrack including the best song of all - Hoe Down!

Other high points included Miley's best friend Lily who is stinking cute, Miley's love interest who gave me a surprise the first time he opens his mouth to speak with his unnaturally deep voice for a teenager, and the big reveal at the end where Miley chooses to take her wig off and perform as herself amid shocked fans. But don't worry Hannah Montana fans, a precious little girl in the front row vows on behalf of the entire crowd to keep Miley's secret and thus she is able to hold on to Hannah Montana.

Some not so high points- during a dinner scene where Miley has to juggle between her two personalities she walks around, and around, and around through a revolving door- why doesn't she get out? Does she think if she keeps turning she'll revolve right into an alternate reality? It doesn't make much sense because it lasts for like 3 minutes, maybe not but it was a long time. Another thing that was strange was the casting of Brooke Shields for the sole purpose of being in a photograph as Miley's deceased mother. She has no lines, and is in one scene, in a picture. Really? Was it neccessary to cast a famous actress for that?

Most annoying of all were the college aged girls sitting a few rows behind me who obviously owned the soundtrack because they sang along to every song. Yep, college aged, not kids.

All in all it was a good experience, cute and heart-warming, just as the trailer portrayed it. With lots of fun music. I'm not totally converted to Hannah Montana fanatic but I'm seriously considering buying that soundtrack.

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